How to invest in New York

How to invest in New York

Luring Kazakh investors to the financial capital of the United States, American companies open offices in Almaty

Gennady Perepada believes that real estate prices in the United States have not yet reached pre-crisis levels
New York remains the largest market by volume of real estate transactions in the world, according to the recently published report of Cushman & Wakefield. The study was conducted among the top 25 global cities in the world. In the Big Apple, the real estate market reached $649 billion — up 16.7% from last year. Analysts note that real estate prices in the U.S. in general and in their financial capital in particular are rising, making this investment vehicle attractive to investors from around the world.

«Although real estate prices in the U.S. have started to rebound — growth averaged 7-12% in 2012 — the cost of the average home has yet to reach pre-crisis levels,» notes Gennady Perepada, founder of One and Only, a New York-based real estate agency.

In his opinion, the largest American metropolis is one of the best real estate investment markets in the world. «When we talk about luxury apartments in New York City, prices remain high regardless of the crisis phenomena in the U.S. market as a whole,» says Perepada. According to a recent ranking of the cities with the most expensive real estate published on, New York ranks sixth, while Hong Kong is the leader, followed by Tokyo and London. While prices are stagnant in London and Paris, New York has seen further growth, presenting interesting opportunities for investors.

New York is one of the world’s leading business,

financial and cultural centers, and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and art contributes to its status as the capital of the world. With more than 200,000 businesses, including 53 of the world’s largest corporations and two of the world’s leading stock exchanges, the city has one of the most developed and integrated economies in the world.

As noted by analysts Cushman & Wakefield, if London is the largest market for office real estate, Hong Kong — retail real estate, and Los Angeles — warehouse and industrial real estate, New York — hotel and residential real estate.

These investment instruments, according to Perepada, are attracting investors, including those from Kazakhstan. Observing increased demand from Kazakhstani investors, he opened an office in Almaty. Gennady stresses that they are especially attracted to real estate in Manhattan, where they can buy a one-bedroom apartment for $1.7 million or multi-million dollar apartments in Trump International or The Plaza, to live next door to the world’s celebrities. The interlocutor estimates that demand is growing as more high-rise residences (Class Luxury & 5-Stars) appear in Manhattan.

«Foreign buyers now account for about 30% of the real estate market in New York, with investors from the CIS and Asia being the largest group. And in the new construction market, their share is approaching 50%,» points out Perepada. This correlates with figures in the report of Cushman & Wakefield — 32% of the total amount of transnational investments in real estate made by representatives of Asia.

Realtors explain this interest in real estate investing by the fact that this market is much more protected than the stock or business markets.

Its price trends are more resistant to external factors. Plus, real estate brings a stable and predictable income. And this income is almost always higher than the inflation rate.

«We’re currently seeing double-digit returns on investments in areas like New York and Miami Beach. These returns are compelling compared to stocks or commodities trading,» Perepada states.

One and Only estimates that real estate in New York City is attractive to both conservative investors (rental income is 3-6% a year) and those set on higher returns — prices have risen 12% in the past year. The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment (from $2,700 to $4,500) has already equaled the mortgage payments for a similar condominium. And the average cost per square foot settled last year at $4100, up 47 percent from 2005. In other words, despite the collapse in 2008, the upward trend for real estate in New York City continues.

«Many indicators suggest that demand for real estate will grow and expand into new markets, leading to a growing share of international investment as investors lower the bar on risk. Assuming the U.S. economy continues to recover, we can assume next year will be favorable for most of the world,» says Carlo Barel di Sant’Albano, a Cushman & Wakefield board member.

According to Perepada, the future growth of real estate values in New York City is assured due to three major components that drive the city’s continued economic development: it attracts the most talented people from around the world; it attracts more investment, both national and international, than any other world-class city; the city’s infrastructure and political and economic regime drive growth (for example, laws allow easy opening and development of new businesses, business laws and real estate laws provide for.

SEO Promotion of dental clinic

SEO Promotion of dental clinic

The field of dental services is characterized by a high level of competition and a wide target audience. There is not a single person who does not require dental services, which indicates a large number of potential customers. But the number of offers also grows: new dental clinics and offices appear all the time. Among the important features of this niche is the high cost of services and rapidly changing specifics — the constant appearance of new materials, equipment and technologies of dental prosthetics and treatment.

Under these conditions, the promotion of dental services on the Internet has a special role to play. It is thanks to well thought-out complex web promotion that it is possible to form a large client base and establish a stable flow of clients.

The main tasks of dental promotion are:

— increasing the loyalty of existing patients;

— expansion of active client base;

— The formation of a positive reputation for the clinic;

— increasing awareness of the brand of the clinic or personal brand of the dentist;

— attracting new clients from the target audience.

An important point: in dentistry, the trust factor is especially important. With professional marketing you can make customers trust the clinic, but that is not enough. It is necessary to make sure that there is no contrast between advertising promises and the real state of affairs. Digital marketing can provide an influx of people to the clinic, but its reputation will directly depend on the quality of services, the professionalism of doctors, the administrators’ polite treatment, and adequate pricing.

It’s based on a comprehensive analysis.

Our collaboration begins with a comprehensive analysis of your business situation. We determine the price niche, the characteristics of the target audience for which your services are aimed. The option «dentistry — for those who have a toothache» is not suitable. We thoroughly research the segment of dental services and identify the following factors of potential clients that make up your CA

The analysis goes on the following criteria:

— gender;

— age;

— level of income;

— Territorial factor (place of residence, work);

— socio-cultural factors.

Understanding the characteristics of clients and their needs is the key to the successful promotion of the dental clinic. We strive to get real results, which are expressed in high conversions. For us it is important not only to attract a large number of users to the site. Increasing traffic is good, but it is much more important to convert potential clients into actual clients. This is the real aim of promotion — to stimulate users to be active on the web-site — order a call-back, fill in the brief, use feedback forms.

One more important element of effective promotion is unique competitive advantages. It is necessary to focus on those services that are not provided or poorly provided by competitors of your clinic. Your dentistry should stand out for its interesting promotions, the technology and equipment used, warranties on work, etc.

Peculiarities of the niche of dental services

— There are several important features of promotion, which will help to form a unique proposal and effectively separate you from your competitors: Search engine SEO promotion for low-competitive queries. For example, you provide unusual dental services that your competitors do not have. If you select keywords for promotion based on them, you can attract potential customers to your site, which are very likely to become relevant. Site conversion will increase, and your clinic will get an influx of clients who were looking for your specific services.

— Territorial Affiliation. Many clients when choosing a dental clinic look for one that is closer to their home or place of work. Firstly, it is convenient and helps save time, and secondly, in case of acute pain allows you to get help from a doctor in the shortest possible time. That’s why the promotion of dentistry in the top search queries Yandex and Google need to include language with an address reference — mention the city and the specific area of services.

— The fear factor. Many potential patients of the dentist have fear before they visit the doctor. They are afraid of pain, psychological discomfort and unpleasant experiences during the session. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the use of modern methods of anesthesia at the site. It will be easier for the patient to decide to visit the clinic if he is sure that the treatment will take place in a comfortable atmosphere.

— Accurate list of services. Entering the site, the user should immediately see what services the clinic provides, what can be expected. It is important that services are listed as a brief list on each page of the site.

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Brooklyn Quality Dental Care is a full service dental boutique that provides general dental and cosmetic services. Treatment is rendered in a modern and welcoming setting. However you wish to improve your smile, our Invisalign-certified and specialty doctors are committed to meeting all of your treatment needs.

— The emphasis is on symptoms. Many potential dental clients first try to find information on their symptoms. If the semantic core includes expressions mentioning the main symptoms, you can give customers the information they need and immediately encourage them to take the targeted action of calling the clinic or filling out an application.

— Trust in doctors. When choosing a dental center, potential clients want to know more about the specialists — what experience they have, their education. They want to be sure that they entrust their health into the hands of experienced professionals with a positive reputation. That’s why it is important that the site contains as much detail as possible about the dentists and dental technicians who work at the clinic — this should include photos, data on experience, advanced training, reviews of specific doctors of the clinic.

— Expert content. Informative expert articles and videos on the site from specialists clinics will help to increase the loyalty of potential customers, they will have more confidence in the clinic’s doctors and more willing to make an appointment.

A clear statement of service objectives

In some scenarios, your goal will be to establish the whole range of online (and also possibly offline) possessions for a neighborhood company location. You’ll be touching every little thing from the site to regional company listings to email advertising to social networks profiles to evaluate monitoring.

At various other times, you might only be focusing on a smaller item of the picture. But whether the extent of the work ahead of you is broad or narrow, establishing objectives at the outset is the only method to determine your success after finishing your tasks. It’s usually best when business proprietor can specify their objectives by answering the question: » What will success appear like?» Try to develop an answer to that inquiry by specifying success as: A boost in foot website traffic A boost in telephone call A boost in deals A boost in type entry leads A boost in requests for driving instructions A rise in web links A rise in positive testimonials A rise in local pack presence for X search phrases Avoid vanity metrics like «I wish to be # 1» or «I simply need a lot more site web traffic.» At the end of the day, what a lot of organizations really want is boosted profits. Just how to receive from A to Z is where method comes in, specifying which strategies and messaging might lead to getting to the mentioned goal that after that translates right into enhanced earnings.

Once any type of pertinent contributors have actually agreed on an objective, set a timeline. Internal and also third-party marketers should be exceptionally clear regarding creating sensible time estimates. It requires time for the effects of almost all neighborhood search advertising efforts to completely mature, so be sure any timeline you provide avoids over-promising as well as under-delivering. Now that you have the approved service data, understand the model and objectives of business, and have Google’s guidelines well in hand, you’re ready to begin your local Search Engine Optimization journey.

Ритуальные услуги Барановичи

Традиционный ритуал панихиды как правило, проходит на кладбище или в специальном ритуальном зале. Такие помещения обычно есть в любом городе, либо возле кладбища или в морге. При проведении панихиды в ритуальном зале, это помещение организуют следующим образом:

гроб с телом умершего устанавливается по центру помещения ногами ко входу. Обычно его ставят на возвышение-подиум;

  • на входе в ритуальный зал устанавливается текст некролога;
  • фотографию умершего ставят в изголовье гроба, левый нижний угол фотографии перевязывают черной траурной лентой;
  • места для близких умершего размещаются как правило, либо по обе стороны от гроба, либо по правую руку умершего;
  • венок от близких родственников устанавливается перед гробом, обычно на нем присутствует лента белого цвета. Прочие венки вешаются по периметру помещения.

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Отношения Кыргызстана и стран Балтии

О двустороннем сотрудничестве

между Кыргызской Республикой и Латвийской Республикой

Дипломатические отношения между Кыргызской Республикой и Латвийской   Республикой установлены 18.03.1993 года


6 апреля 2010 года Посол КР И.Болджурова вручила Верительные грамоты Президенту Латвийской Республики В.Затлерсу.

Договорно-правовая база  между КР и Латвией представлена следующими документами:

  1. Соглашение о торгово-экономическом сотрудничестве;
  2. Договор о правовой помощи по гражданским, семейным и уголовным делам;
  3. Соглашение о международном автомобильном сообщении;
  4. Протокол о консультациях между МИДами  Кыргызстана и Латвии;
  5. Соглашение о сотрудничестве между МВД КР и МВД Латвийской Республико  в сфере  обмена информацией;
  6. Соглашение об избежании двойного налогообложения.


в Кыргызскую Республику:

  1. Официальный визит Министра  иностранных дел Латвийской  Республики в Кыргызстан – апрель 1997 года;
  2. Рабочий  визит делегации министерства  обороны  Латвии  — июнь 1996  года;
  3. Рабочий визит делегации Министерства иностранных дел  Латвийской Республики  — апрель 2002 года.
  4. 11 по 13 сентября 2007 г. визит в КР Премьер-министра ЛатвииА.Калвитиса.

 в Латвийскую Республику:

  1. Рабочий визит Первого заместителя министра иностранных дел КР в  Литовскую Республику — февраль 2001 года
  2. Визит Премьер-министра КР И.Чудинова в Латвию 21-22 мая 2008 года.

В ходе визита делегация КР во главе с премьер-министром КР посетила Балтийский интернациональный банк, встретился с министром иностранных дел М.Риекстиньшем, с Премьер-министром И.Годманисом.

И.Чудинов в рамках визита также встретился с Президентом Латвии В.Затлерсом, с которым обсудил вопросы сотрудничества двух стран в различных сферах.

Премьер-министры КР и Латвии И.Чудинов и Иварс Годманис приняли участие в церемонии открытия бизнес-форума, в котором приняли участие представители деловых кругов КР и Латвии.

В рамках визита также прошло первое заседание кыргызско-латвийской Межправительственной комиссии по промышленному, научному и техническому сотрудничеству. С кыргызской стороны комиссию возглавил министр экономического развития А.Жапаров, с латвийской стороны ее возглавил министр экономики Каспар Герхард.

В ходе заседания обсуждались вопросы сотрудничества в таких секторах, как: предпринимательство, промышленность, сельское хозяйство, в таких сферах, как образование и наука, физическая культура и спорт. Отлажены вопросы о возможных механизмах урегулирования задолженности Латвии перед Кыргызстаном в размере около 84 тыс. долларов.

Кыргызстан представил Латвии проекты по развитию малой гидроэнергетике и туризма. По итогам заседания подписан протокол.

            По итогам переговоров подписано Соглашение о поощрении защите и инвестиций, а также совместное коммюнике.


О двустороннем сотрудничестве между Литовской Республикой и Кыргызской Республикой

Дипломатические отношения

20-12-1991 г. Литва признала независимость Кыргызской Республики.
Дипломатические отношения между Литовской Республикой и Кыргызской Республикой установлены 03-07-1992 г. Дипломатическое сотрудничество
Со стороны Литвы
11-12-2004 Посол ЛР В Казахстане Ромуалдас Високавичюс вручил Верительные грамоты Президенту КР.
Со стороны Кыргызстана
22-05-1996 Президенту ЛР Верительные грамоты вручил первый Посол КР в Литве Б.Аширов, 09-06-1998 Президенту ЛР Верительные грамоты вручил Посол КР в Литве Э.Омуралиев, 31-10-2001 Президенту ЛР Верительные грамоты вручил Посол КР в Литве Р.Качкеев, 01-03-2007 Президенту ЛР вручила Верительные грамоты Посол Кыргызстана Лидия Иманалиева.
Основные договоры
В настоящее время сотрудничество между Литовской Республикой и Республикой Киргизия регулируется Договором между Европейскими Сообществами, их странами-членами и Республикой Киргизия о партнерстве и сотрудничестве, подписанным в 1999 г.
В марте 2007 г. на рассмотрение литовской стороны направлен проект Соглашения между Правительством Кыргызской Республики и Правительством Литовской Республики об избежании двойного налогообложения.
22 ноября 1991 г. в Бишкеке побывал Министр экономики Литовской Республики А.Шименас.
4 февраля 1993 г. в Бишкеке Министр промышленности и торговли ЛР А.Синявичюс встретился с Министром торговли и материальных ресурсов РК А.Иорданом.
9 января 1995 г. в Вильнюсе находилась заместитель начальника управления по странам СНГ и Восточной Европы МИДа РК Л.Иманалиева и Посол РК в Беларуси Б.Аширов.
19 февраля 2001 г. в Вильнюсе вице-министр иностранных дел ЛР Э.Игнатавичюс встретился с делегацией, возглавляемой первым заместителем Министра иностранных дел Кыргызской Республики Э.Абдылдаевым.
В период с 18-19 апреля 2007г. состоялся первый официальный визит в КР Министра иностранных дел Литовской Республики П. Вайтекунаса, в ходе которого он встретился с Президентом КР К. Бакиевым, Министром иностранных дел КР Э. Карабаевым и обсудил возможности более тесного сотрудничества наших стран в сфере транспорта, развития инфраструктуры, энергетики, переработки сельскохозяйственной продукции и защиты окружающей среды.
В рамках визита состоялся организованный кыргызской стороной бизнес-форум «Кыргызстан-Литва», в котором приняли участие более 100 предпринимателей с обеих сторон, по итогам работы форума подписано Соглашение о сотрудничестве между ТТП КР и Литвы.

Сторонами также завершено согласование проекта соглашения о поощрении и защите инвестиции и об избежании двойного налогообложения, а также экономическом сотрудничестве, подписание которых предоставит  КР и Литве возможность для расширения экономических связей и торгового обмена.