SEO Promotion of dental clinic

SEO Promotion of dental clinic

The field of dental services is characterized by a high level of competition and a wide target audience. There is not a single person who does not require dental services, which indicates a large number of potential customers. But the number of offers also grows: new dental clinics and offices appear all the time. Among the important features of this niche is the high cost of services and rapidly changing specifics — the constant appearance of new materials, equipment and technologies of dental prosthetics and treatment.

Under these conditions, the promotion of dental services on the Internet has a special role to play. It is thanks to well thought-out complex web promotion that it is possible to form a large client base and establish a stable flow of clients.

The main tasks of dental promotion are:

— increasing the loyalty of existing patients;

— expansion of active client base;

— The formation of a positive reputation for the clinic;

— increasing awareness of the brand of the clinic or personal brand of the dentist;

— attracting new clients from the target audience.

An important point: in dentistry, the trust factor is especially important. With professional marketing you can make customers trust the clinic, but that is not enough. It is necessary to make sure that there is no contrast between advertising promises and the real state of affairs. Digital marketing can provide an influx of people to the clinic, but its reputation will directly depend on the quality of services, the professionalism of doctors, the administrators’ polite treatment, and adequate pricing.

It’s based on a comprehensive analysis.

Our collaboration begins with a comprehensive analysis of your business situation. We determine the price niche, the characteristics of the target audience for which your services are aimed. The option «dentistry — for those who have a toothache» is not suitable. We thoroughly research the segment of dental services and identify the following factors of potential clients that make up your CA

The analysis goes on the following criteria:

— gender;

— age;

— level of income;

— Territorial factor (place of residence, work);

— socio-cultural factors.

Understanding the characteristics of clients and their needs is the key to the successful promotion of the dental clinic. We strive to get real results, which are expressed in high conversions. For us it is important not only to attract a large number of users to the site. Increasing traffic is good, but it is much more important to convert potential clients into actual clients. This is the real aim of promotion — to stimulate users to be active on the web-site — order a call-back, fill in the brief, use feedback forms.

One more important element of effective promotion is unique competitive advantages. It is necessary to focus on those services that are not provided or poorly provided by competitors of your clinic. Your dentistry should stand out for its interesting promotions, the technology and equipment used, warranties on work, etc.

Peculiarities of the niche of dental services

— There are several important features of promotion, which will help to form a unique proposal and effectively separate you from your competitors: Search engine SEO promotion for low-competitive queries. For example, you provide unusual dental services that your competitors do not have. If you select keywords for promotion based on them, you can attract potential customers to your site, which are very likely to become relevant. Site conversion will increase, and your clinic will get an influx of clients who were looking for your specific services.

— Territorial Affiliation. Many clients when choosing a dental clinic look for one that is closer to their home or place of work. Firstly, it is convenient and helps save time, and secondly, in case of acute pain allows you to get help from a doctor in the shortest possible time. That’s why the promotion of dentistry in the top search queries Yandex and Google need to include language with an address reference — mention the city and the specific area of services.

— The fear factor. Many potential patients of the dentist have fear before they visit the doctor. They are afraid of pain, psychological discomfort and unpleasant experiences during the session. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the use of modern methods of anesthesia at the site. It will be easier for the patient to decide to visit the clinic if he is sure that the treatment will take place in a comfortable atmosphere.

— Accurate list of services. Entering the site, the user should immediately see what services the clinic provides, what can be expected. It is important that services are listed as a brief list on each page of the site.

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Brooklyn Quality Dental Care is a full service dental boutique that provides general dental and cosmetic services. Treatment is rendered in a modern and welcoming setting. However you wish to improve your smile, our Invisalign-certified and specialty doctors are committed to meeting all of your treatment needs.

— The emphasis is on symptoms. Many potential dental clients first try to find information on their symptoms. If the semantic core includes expressions mentioning the main symptoms, you can give customers the information they need and immediately encourage them to take the targeted action of calling the clinic or filling out an application.

— Trust in doctors. When choosing a dental center, potential clients want to know more about the specialists — what experience they have, their education. They want to be sure that they entrust their health into the hands of experienced professionals with a positive reputation. That’s why it is important that the site contains as much detail as possible about the dentists and dental technicians who work at the clinic — this should include photos, data on experience, advanced training, reviews of specific doctors of the clinic.

— Expert content. Informative expert articles and videos on the site from specialists clinics will help to increase the loyalty of potential customers, they will have more confidence in the clinic’s doctors and more willing to make an appointment.

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